Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Speaking of *the ending* ... an invitation

While the last thing I want to do is jinx ourselves (this trip has made me more superstitious than usual), I will throw it out there that you all are invited to splurge on a trip and meet us in San Franciso when we roll in. We still haven't determined where in the city the trip will officially end (the foot of Lombard Street? Fisherman's Wharf? Somewhere cooler? Thoughts welcome!), but it sure would be cool to have some people there to celebrate with, especially if anyone out there is looking for an excuse for an adventure (much like we were). No obligation, of course, but if you're interested let me know and I'll keep you posted on potential arrival dates. I'm too superstitious to mention them here.
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  1. Ideas for you:
    There is an awesome cheesesteak place that I watch the Eagles games on Sunday mornings. Called Jake's Steaks on Lombard and Buchanan.

    Pretty awesome view of the Pacific Ocean from near the Cliff House (restaurant), great for sunsets (if it's not covered in fog).

    Let me know when you're getting closer, would be awesome to see you guys. But we just found out that we're moving to Boston (Meghan got a new job) near the end of August!


  2. thanks POB! will keep all these in mind and hopefully our time in the bay area will overlap!

  3. I have been waiting for this post. Keep me posted, as it were.