Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 49: cheap(est) motel, Lovelock, NV

Guys, we need your help. Here at the Super 10 Motel in Lovelock, our first $30 room of the trip, we found the above pictured sign by the sink. Aaron and I, as you all know, are rule-abiding folks and we'd hate to break any established policy due to a simple misunderstanding. Make sure you read the sign several times. There's a lot to parse. I'm going to go put my washing teeth in the toilet now.

(In truth, this sign gave us a welcomed long laugh after an annoying, tense, and hot day on the bikes. Team morale is slowly creeping back up. Also, the sign distracts us from other gems of the $30 motel room and keeps us from asking questions like, "Why would you even have anything that color near a box spring anyway?")
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