Saturday, August 6, 2011

day 36: flat tire #3: somewhere outside Hiland,WY

[Forgive the lack of photo. I'm only able to write from the Kindle right now because smartphones are dumb.]

It was me this time. I lost my finesse, but I've gained a whole lot of grit. Not that I actually repred the tire myself or anything. But I said some encouraging things to Aaron while he fixed the tire. And I was a champ at recognizing that something was wrong after lagging way behind for miles despite my attempts at all out exertion to keep up. Part of my problem is that I confuse mechanical failure with existential crisis/opportunity for self loathing, determining that I have lost all physical ability when in fact my bicycle is practically inoperable and has been for miles. Eventually, I expressed concern to Aaron by saying the bike felt "mushy" and I was "dying." He took it from there.


  1. Hey guys!!! Congrats on all you have accomplished- it's crazy you have gone almost 2000 miles(at least that's how far hiland is from our house!) we are all loving this blog... Jamie-lee you're so good! I wish we could see you ride into SanFran. Hang in there & be safe!! Em

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