Sunday, August 7, 2011

day 37: look out Jackson town

I'll keep this one brief, friends. Tomorrow is the big day. The one we've all been waiting for. We're now at a campground in Dubois, WY, where we're at just under 7000 feet elevation. The first 30 miles of tomorrow's ride will take us up about another 3000 to the highest point of our entire journey. Yep, the continental divide, dudes. Serious business. In order to get in tune with the Rocky Mountain atmosphere, at dinner I fueled up with a buffalo burger, a Snake River IPA, and a huge and amazing slice of mountain berry pie, a la mode, bien sur.

The elevation increase was less cruel to me today than a few days ago. It's just harder work out here. Slow and steady will be tomorrow morning's mantra. And we'll be hoping for good wind karma. Wind is everything. We battled strong winds from the west for the last 25 miles of today's ascent. Not sure if I'll be hoarse tomorrow from wailing in pain and exasperation. Ah, nature.
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