Monday, June 27, 2011

our (anticipated) route

Above is an image of the (tentative, very tentative) route Aaron has mapped out for us using Google maps. Click on the image for a better view. We'll be starting at Point F (Philly), then headed westward toward Point A (San Francisco), via Pittsburgh, PA, Minneapolis, MN, Wall, SD (Wall Drug!), and West Yellowstone, MT. We chose this route because north-er is cooler in the summer. Also, Aaron wants to see his pals in Minneapolis -- and after a long time of having no response to Aaron's inquiries about what I'd like to see on the trip, I replied, "Wyoming." We decided ending in a city makes sense since we'll need an airport and a bike shop (to ship the bikes back to Philly). Plus, San Francisco will have much to offer us by way of celebration. And: last few days of the trip will be California wine country. Talk about incentive.


  1. Listen, Minnesota doesn't have a government anymore. It could be a lawless place when you get there.

  2. It looks to me that you might be going through Goshen, IN or Elkhart, in which case holler so I can hook you up with bedrooms and showers and food! Also, if you find yourself near Archbold or Stryker, OH (and it looks like you might) let me know! Grandparents! Farms! Berries!