Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a proper send-off

A bunch of South Philly pals had a great send-off BBQ for us last night. Big thanks to Steve and Emilie and Ziggy for hosting. Great food, celebratory beverages, and even event-specific decorations:

There we are, riding through the states! Note that I'm well ahead of Aaron, already in Illinois when he's barely out of Pennsylvania. Figures. Our friends have been very kind as we're getting ready to leave, asking if they can send stuff for us along the way, excited to hear the details, and even sounding happy about having another blog to read. We're flattered. It'll be odd to go so long only seeing one familiar face - well, with a few cameos along the way, perhaps (My buddy Steve! Aaron's buddy Maddy! Whoever decides to show up in San Francisco to congratulate us if/when we make it!)                                                                                         
But back to our party. Even the newest buddy, Frankie, made an appearance: 

And we wore our bike shirts:

(My hair is very short - just got my pre-trip shearing)

Pretty sure the successful send-off means we're ready to go. Also, as we rode our bikes home last night, in the 85% Philadelphia summer humidity, we witnessed an awful argument between a man and a woman (causing us to pause on the street for a moment, contemplating whether to call the cops), then I was startled at a stop light when I noticed a giant roach (3-4 inches long) had landed on my arm. I shook him off only to have him land on my flip-flopped foot. Philly, are you trying to force me out? If so, you've succeeded. Now, if only the bikes were ready. And if only I would stop blogging and start (finishing) packing. Or cleaning. At least once we're on the bikes, we'll just have to worry about being on the bikes. Maybe I'm simplifying. 

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  1. Congrats, Jamie-Lee and Aaron! I couldn't be more excited for you, and even better that we'll be able to follow along on your journey. So wise of you to do something huge like this when your bodies are young and willing! Again, thanks for sharing your trip!