Monday, August 8, 2011

day 38: ain't no mountain high enough

Well, maybe it was. I think the 30 mile ascent on its own was manageable, but the next 50 miles on tired legs were tough. The wind was probably about as manageable as it gets around here, though there was rain, a thunderstorn, and a torn up road to navigate coming down the mountain. But I feel good tonight: the continental divide is history.

We're here in Jackson, WY, also known as Jackson Hole. It's a fancyschmancy ski town, but I'm fine with a little commercialism for now. After Aaron led us to the least expensive dive motel earlier tonight, I vetoed the decision, got out the credit card, and got us a room at a more civilized place. There's a hot tub in our future. And sleep. Real sleep. I haven't been getting much. We'll be taking tomorrow off. I'm going to window shop the heck out of this town.
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