Saturday, August 27, 2011

day 57: lagunitas lagunitas lagunitas

It is the last night on the road, barring unforseen circumstances. We rode into Petaluma today not knowing where we'd stay, learning that the one campground in town charged $51 plus tax a night (only possible in the Bay Area, we hear), our only destination being Lagunitas Brewing Co. on the north end of town. It turns out that was all we needed, by a long shot.

A series of fortunate events:

We went on an awesome tour led by a dude named Lewis. When Aaron told him we'd ridden 3700 miles to get here, he said, "No way you did," which is a response I respected. Eventually, we convinced him. We got to talking and within a few minutes he was calling his wife and offering to let us stay in his motor home. That's where I am now.

High on our good fortune, we settled back into the beer sanctuary to get some dinner. Aaron went to check on the bikes. I never check on the bikes because I not so secretly hope they got stolen. A visitor bearing the wonderful gifts pictured above had been by. Yes, soneone tucked big bottles of beer into our bags. We fawned over this for some time. I headed back to our bikes a bit later to fetch another layer. A woman, Cheryl, was leaving the administrative building. She told me the bottle bearer had been Leon, the brewery's CFO and an avid cyclist. He'd told everyone we would either be thrilled about the beer or pissed about the weight. I assured her it was the former. We got to talking, then she was making sure I had a cold six pack to bring to Lewis's, then she was outfitting us in complimentary Lagunitas t-shirts. I told her I would never drink another beer again.
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