Monday, August 22, 2011

The Best and Worst of Mootis: the Fashion Edition

In a sense, the photos above speak for themselves. Over the weeks, you've all gotten an idea of the biking attire both Mootis and I have become accustomed to wearing. The focus today is on one garment of Mootis's. I believe it is technically called "bib shorts." Apparently, some male cyclists find the usual elastic waistbanded shorts uncomfortable. The alternative is a model like the one above, which has suspender-like straps that go under the cycling jersey. When Aaron prances about in this getup without his jersey, I refer to it as the "strongman" outfit, as it resembles an old timey weightlifter's ensemble. (I was not granted permission to take a photo of strongman Aaron, alas. My apologies. Instead, I had to sneak this photo in the Laundromat when he wasn't around.)

You can see from the first photo that Aaron's bib shorts are particularly noteworthy because they are "Powered by Chipotle." I've urged him to go into a Chipotle with these on to see if they'll give him free burritos (a.k.a. "power"). Hasn't happened yet, but the trip ain't over.

You can also see that Mootis has combined his strongman shorts with a pair of wool socks. This was on a chilly morning in Idaho. A spectacular sight. I called them his legwarmers.
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