Monday, August 15, 2011

day 46: meanies

Alas, not everyone we've met along the way has been helpful. There are the truck drivers who come too close, who pass in the oncoming lane right as they're going by us, causing incredible winds to practically blow us off the road. There was the lady at the RV park this morning who refused to let us use the restroom even though there was nothing else for miles (we found some nice sagebrush around the corner). Then, there are the RV parks here in Elko, who won't let us purchase a site for the night because we don't have an RV. (Bikes don't count, apparently.) We ask why. "Those are our rules." Sigh.


  1. Oh No! That sucks. I hope you guys aren't too beat up. I'm also glad you didn't get dirt in your eyes and mouth.

  2. Above post is in reference to dust storm not the rude RV people. I'm from Philadelphia, rudeness never surprises me!