Saturday, August 20, 2011

day 50: this could be our silver springs

Nevada redeemed itself quite a bit tonight, friends. As we were about to leave the Jack in the Box in Fernley this afternoon for the last stretch of the day's ride into Silver Springs, we were approached by a woman and her high school-aged son. The usual chat ensued, but within a few minutes, we were being offered a lawn to camp on when we learned that there was no motel or campground in Silver Springs. What followed was an evening of great hospitality from Robin, her husband Don, Daniel, and Robin's mother Win. Not only do we have a shady spot on the lawn, we had showers, dinner, beer, and a relaxing night out in the backyard. Weiner (the dauchshund, of course) and Bear (the big lug) hung out too.

What's most amazing about this generosity is the timing of it. Not for us, but for this family. On Sunday, they're moving to northeastern Washington state, where they've bought 20 acres and are building a house. Robin and Don have been here in town for thirty years. There is a lot to do that does not include hosting a couple of bicycle riding fools. I'm not usually one to strike up chats with strangers, but if this trip has taught me anything, it's that I should. It has also taught me to always carry toilet paper and electrolyte supplements.
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