Saturday, August 20, 2011

california here we come

If all goes as we hope, we will cross into California tomorrow after we climb our way up to Lake Tahoe. Hard to say what's more exciting, getting out of Nevada or getting into California.

Is this the beginning of the end? We hope to reach Sacramento by Monday, where we'll see Luke, my dear pal from high school. Then, to Napa and Sonoma, where we have no set plan yet other than to indulge. We're looking to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday the 27th. A small group of spectators might/will be gathered just over the SF side. There will be much rejoicing.
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  1. Exciting! Enjoy all that fab wine....

  2. Yay! I, of course, will be working if you come in on Monday during the day. Text me when you get to Sac-town. See you soon!