Thursday, August 4, 2011

day 34: We gather ourselves in Casper

I write to you from a very cumbersome Kindle in a very stuffy tent in the outskirts of Casper, Wyoming. We took another relatively short day mostly for the sake of positioning. When we head out of town tomorrow, we will begin a 100 mile stretch of road with no even as much as a gas station. Given the potential for tough terrain and wind, there is a chance we'll be camping in the midst of it, so forgive my lapse in communication in advance, should it come to that. Are we nervous about this? Sure, but less in a suvival sort of way and more in a loss o creature comforts sort of way. But maybe it won't be so bad to be away from the old RV parking lot for a night. In a way,the last two days of biking have been togh preciely because they weren' as long and hard as others. Does that make any sense? Mindset, people. Mindset.


  1. OK, so I might be away from the CPU for a week. I'm going on vaca. I will try to check in on you guys when I get a chance but I'll be on a ship and internet is .55 a minute! Please be safe.

  2. Do you have some Obama birthday cake wrapped up to tide you over? Ditto what Monica said about staying safe!