Friday, August 19, 2011

day 49: Lovelock: Where Your Love Remains Locked

When I first saw the town of Lovelock, Nevada on the map a week or so ago, I wondered if there was anything noteworthy about the place pertaining to its name. We came across a brochure in a travel plaza the other day that indeed, Lovelock wants to be known precisely as the place where Your Love Is Locked - redundancy be damned, I suppose. While we've gotten used to passing through towns that haven't yet celebrated a centennial, it was surprising to come to a place that has just begun to achieve its desired identity in the last few years, for better or worse.

As you can see above, Lovelock is real into, um, locks. Locks that represent love. Various locations around town sell Lovelock locks and people - couples, families, close friends - are encouraged to place a lock on one the many lock chains in the town park. As you can see from my photo, people also bring customized locks.

Aaron was astounded at how many locks wove their way around the small plaza. I was less surprised, and, as usual, somewhat jaded. "It doesn't take much to get a lot of people to do something stupid," I said. This might answer your next question - no, Aaron and I did not immortalize our affection for one another with a Lovelock lock. Since it was a bit after 7:00 when.we were strolling through town, most of the stores were closed so we didn't even have a chance to see how costly it would be to assimilate and declare our feelings. We didn't exactly go out of our way to find a lock either.
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