Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 54: nearing napa

You know you're getting close to wine country when you start to see piles of squashed grapes along the side of the road. We had a 70 mile slog of it today. If you're generally familiar with this region of California, you might wonder how we rode 70 miles from Sacramento today and still remain 15 miles outside of Napa. If you're truly familiar with this neck of the woods, you know that in a freeway-centric culture like California's, it's very difficult to find secondary roads to, say, cross a river. That was tbe case with us and the moghty Sacramento today. Once we cut south to cross in Rio Vista, we were plagued with Highway 12, a road that was absolutely unbikeable - shoulderless and busy, with center barriers to prevent big vehicles from moving around us. Thanks to a stranger's help - he took Aaron for a drive to show him which country roads to take - we got back on track. In the morning, we'll ride the last 15, have a leisurely breakfast, and spend the rest of the day biking, walking and tasting around Napa. I have to say I'm a little reluctant to go into relaxation mode, as these last days have continued to present difficulties, but let's hope that at some point tomorrow, a surge of giddiness hits me. There's been a lot of " we rode our bikes here" lately.
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