Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 48: dispatch from winnemucca

First of all, can anyone tell me why I've heard of Winnemucca before? Aaron reminded me it's mentioned in a Johnny Cash song, but that's not ringing a bell.

The good news about Winnemucca: we encountered some nice people here! It all bevan at the RV park where we're camping - Yes! We're camping! - when the owner told us a site would be $18 and we rejoiced, then explained to him that the guy down the street wanted to charge us $28 plus tax for a gravel site (here, they've got grass). "He's an idiot," our guy said. More rejoicing, then a nice chat followed. We also met a nice bike shop owner in town who gave us some route info and showed us some sweet photos of him riding a [bike nerd alert] Surly Pugsley on some nearby sand dunes. Crazy stuff. Why were we in a bike shop? I'm not quite sure - it's just Aaron's thing when we get to a town with one. Bike nerds unite, I s'pose. We then found our way to the Butch Cassidy Saloon - perhaps the first bar we've seen in this state *without* slot machines - where after awhile a nice gentleman bought everyone a round.

I think I'm on to something: after I complained about the wind here on.the blog, we had two relatively mild days. After I complained about the people/culture of Nevada, things looked up a bit. What else? I wish the hills around here were flatter. (Actually, they're not so bad.) Maybe this: I sure wish my right ring finger would stop being so tingly these days (true story - I assume it's from so much handlebar gripping - should I be concerned?). I'll need to come up with some better grievances.

As nice as it is here in this bath house, where I can charge my phone as I type, I think I'll retire to the tent now.
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  1. We are leaving Monday Aug 22nd...are you guys getting here at least by Sunday Aug 21???