Wednesday, July 6, 2011

quick thoughts on pittsburgh

It's way past my biking bedtime, but we've splurged on a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh tonight (real bed! real shower!) so we're getting our money's worth and sleeping in tomorrow. (This means sleeping til 8 rather than 5:30 or 6:00 - not sure when I signed up for this aspect of the craziness). Anyway, here are some impressions I've had in my first few hours in this town :

- Pittsburgh, an unfinished trail and an assortment of arrowed signs, some leading to dead ends, others leading to treacherously shoulderless roadways, do not make a reasonable "recreation path." I put my life in your hands, for gosh sakes, and almost lost out.

- Pittsburgh, why do so many restaurants here close before 9? Even the really popular ones near the baseball park on a night when there's a game?

- Speaking of, Pittsburgh, nice baseball park! And good call shutting that bridge down during the game for fans and vagrant cyclists.

- Pittsburgh, after affiliating myself with two places that claim to be losers sportswise but really aren't in recent years, it was awesome to see your fans so happy about a single win and an above .500 record.

- But seriously, Pittsburgh, what's the deal with the roads you claim can be walked or biked on, but can really only be driven on at speeds of at least 75 miles per hour?

- Pittsburgh, you have a funicular!? That is so badass. Can I take it across the country?
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