Saturday, July 9, 2011

125 miles to Defiance

There are no typos above. Indeed, we rode 125 miles today and indeed, we're in the town called Defiance, Ohio. Fitting, as it defied our expectations of having a state park with a campground. Instead, we rolled into the Independence Dam State park just in time for sunset to find that there only *used* to be a campground. After zipping through the eight stages of grief and throwing a small temper tantrum, I cleaned up as best I could with my arsenal of Wegmans brand wipes and we convinced a local pizza shop it was okay to deliver here. Now, we're getting ready for sleep and hoping we don't get caught bring vagrants in the park. As we dashed behind a tree to avoid being in the stream of passing headlights a minute ago, Aaron said, "I'm too old and responsible to be hiding from the man."

"Are you?" I responded. A moment later (and a moment ago), I slumped under the picnic table to avoid more lights. Maybe it's best to put the phone away for the night. 125 miles makes me sleepy anyway.
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