Sunday, July 3, 2011

a note to commenters!

Hey buddies,

I just wanted to add that we're seeing - and loving - all your comments, but my phone setup makes it difficult/impossible to respond to them. Keep em coming though! If I ever get to a real live computer, I'll do my best to respond!
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  1. Jamie-Lee, I'm not only amazed by your ability to bike 6+ hours of mountains (really, the word amazed doesn't seem to truly express how much I'm in awe of you), but also your ability to write such a perfect blog from your PHONE! No abbreviations, no shorting of words, no missed grammar or typos. Honestly, you are incredible.

  2. I think that after should become a Spinning instructor...

    I mean, I teach but I have no road experiences; think of how much you can add to the class after this!