Thursday, July 28, 2011

day 27, wild, wild west?

Okay, so forget what I mentioned about being on the raggedy frontier. Turns out the campground here in Murdo, SD has cabins (pictured above) - with air conditioning ( air conditioning!) - for $8 more than the regular campsites. The best $8 I've spent recently, I must say, as I'm writing now while an intense thunderstorm is maybe staritng to wind down. Few things on this trip have been as vindicating for me as knowing I paid for a motel (or cabin) when it's raining.

We've ended up splitting this cabin with Nick and Anna, the couple we met yesterday who began in Provincetown, MA. Funny thing about their trip: they spent their third night from the start at Nick's aunt's house in where else but Whitman, Massachusetts, the small town where my parents (and their parents) grew up and where I lived for the first year of my life. I write this now in the dark, as the others have gone off to sleep and the rain has finally quieted. Ten minutes ago, the wind sent a street sign rolling by the cabin. Maybe I should follow everyone's lead.
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