Tuesday, July 12, 2011

and on the eleventh day, they rested.

In a way, we could just give up the whole biking across the country thing here, send our jobs "I'm sorry but" letters, buy the cats a couple of bus tickets, and set up shop here in Goshen. Sure, it's possible this town has us riding so high because we've been hosted by a family that has truly made making it what it is their personal and professional mission. (Erin's father is president of a housing organization that refurbishes old houses for various forms of community use and her mom is a midwife and city council representative.) It might also be that we were ecstatic to have a day where we weren't worried about mileage and weather and campgrounds. Regardless, we've loved Goshen. First, there is simplicity here in the midwest, a straightforward sensibility and a plainness in how things look that appeals to me. Second, Goshen is not a town without complications in terms of political and cultural differences and overall community access and stability, yet there seems to be a real, collective energy to work toward betterment. Again, I haven't spoken to any other city or town council members along the way yet on our trip, but this place very much seems the exception, not the rule.

We'll roll out of here in the morning, past the chain stores and restaurants that hover on Goshen's fringes (they can only fight off so much) , but when we think of this place, it won't be Walmart and Applebee's that come to mind, but The Olympia and The Constant Spring.
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