Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indy 100

Okay, so it was 98.9 miles today, not 100. And we started in Ohio, not Indiana. And "Indy" stands for "Indianapolis" anyway. But here we are, in Goshen, Indiana, at the home of my pal and co-worker Erin's parents. We've ridden 225 miles in the last two days, in part because we initially misjudged how far Goshen was from Massillon, and in part because we encourage each other with our "sure we can do it!" overachieving attitudes. Not always a good thing, but fine so far.

In ten days of riding, we've traveled about 815 miles and we were hoping to average 75 miles per day for 750 at this point. Aaron's calculations estimate that 75 miles per day has us getting to San Francisco in 48 days. We have 62 total for the trip, so days off can be tossed in as needed/wanted.

In fact, we'll be taking our first day off tomorrow! When I first followed up with Erin about her offer to find us a place to stay, she told me about the many friends and relatives who'd likely be willing and even promised that her favorite bartender pals would find us a place if everything else fell through. She also followed with a list of must see's (or, mostly must eat's and drink's) here in Goshen. Couldn't turn it down! We're both looking forward to a day off the bikes. Our knees and butts are too.
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