Sunday, September 4, 2011



Above are closer-up images of the medals and trophies Aaron and I were presented at the end of our trek. Jocelyn conceived of all of this and Mo helped with execution. This might not need explaining, but my medal says "the masher" because of my tendency to bike in harder gears and Aaron's says "Smells Like Team Spirit" because he was our team's fearless leader (maybe not fearless - I think he was weary of me a time or two) and I mentioned his aroma from time to time. And of course, Alfie, who along with Bones was our reward for coming home, is lurking in the background.

Mo also presented us with Silly Bandz, the little fun-shaped bracelets that the kids just love - or loved a year ago - in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge. Between this and the bike-themed wine given to us by my bud Arielle, the nailpolish called "bikeride" given to me by blog devotee Monica, and the whiskey given to us by my pal Seth, we've been well received, to say the least. The celebrations haven't quite stopped yet. Fine by us.
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  1. Glad to see you getting the accolades you deserve! I'm there in spirit, and happy that there are those there in the flesh to heap praise on Mootis and Masher!