Monday, September 5, 2011

for those battling bike blog withdrawl

If you're looking to keep reading about a cross country cycling trip, consider checking out the New York Times' Bruce Weber's blog, "Life Is a Wheel," which is about his west-to-east journey, the second he's undertaken in his life. I first came upon Weber's blog via my daily NYTimes email, the day we left Twin Falls, Idaho and rode into Nevada. I'd been rehearsing a blog post commentary on Weber's piece about hitting a wall at 500 miles (it went something like "500 miles, wah, wah, wah?! Get it together, dude. Talk to me when you're at 3000 miles."), but I never got around to writing the piece because I had to write about another of my spokes breaking and the disgusting glory that was Jackpot, Nevada. The truth is, of course, that I'm jealous that Weber's blog gets to be on the Times' website while mine resides here on ol' And I bet if we scrolled back to how I was feeling on days 6 and 7-ish of my trip, I wasn't in the best of spirits either (although I hope I wasn't quite as whiny as this guy can seem at times.) But there were some truly laughable facts about Weber's stuggle: for instance, he was complaining about not feeling well while biking, then later mentioned he'd been loving the 2 milkshakes a day diet. Um, wild guess, but maybe the lactose overload is gettin' you down, sir. But there are also moments that have me oozing with camaraderie, as when Weber muses about the mind games the wind plays on the long-distance cyclist, and with admiration - Weber is biking alone without a ton of knowledge about bikes and touring, despite his having made a trip like this before. He has to worry about a lot of things that I had the luxury of leaving to Aaron. And I had Aaron to leave things to in the first place.

So, snark aside, I bet I'll be following this blog regularly from now on. That is, until my monthly allotment of free Times articles runs out.

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